Saturday, July 01, 2006

Tito, RIP

I’ve had camel spider we have named Tito secreted away in our back room, living in a terrarium for the past month (the room is a converted bathroom that smells like swamp gas, no one goes in there unless they have to). Usually camel spiders don’t survive long in captivity according to my prior experiences and what I’ve read on the internet. For a month, he’s eaten everything that the night crew guys would throw in there, scorpions, lizards, other camel spiders, there’s spider legs and scorpion tails littering the entire bottom of the cage. But there were also lean times, sometimes he wouldn’t be fed for 4 or 5 days in a row. At the time, I couldn’t help much. Everything living out here is nocturnal and I’m a day crew guy.

before picture

Earlier this week I tried an experiment with dental floss and chicken. I tied a small piece of chicken to the floss and bop him in the head and he would lift his mouth and gobble it up. I could very well be the first guy out here to get a camel spider to eat dead food. Finally our food troubles are over and I don’t have to worry about the poor guy starving to death. With all good things come a price, a couple of days of me fattening him up and his body was getting to big for his legs to let him run like he used to. But he would happily eat what I offered him.

I came in this morning to find this written on the white board on my wall “Tito was murdered in cold blood!!! The proper training wasn’t done for a fight of that magnitude and had just came off of a hard fought victory, this is a sad day in the world of fighting, is there no justice??!!!” – Chaves (co-owner/trainer/manager and friend).

They killed Tito!
I ran into the back room and there was Tito lying in the cold embrace of death and his murderer cowering in the corner. A black scorpion who was a third of his size, sigh. I know how that teary eyed guy in Jarhead felt when his scorpion was killed.

Tito After :( (embalmed in fiberglass)

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