Sunday, July 30, 2006

Walks in the desert

Today is our one year anniversary, thanks hun for making this year one of the best years of my life.  Looking forward to many more anniversaries in the future, hopefully all of them in your arms.  Our exchange is well stocked on anniversary cards to give to husbands but not a single one for a wife so I hope you like the little gift I had sent to you in it's place.   I'm the luckiest guy in the world, thank you for marrying me.


News on my side of the world?  There's a war going on a little way over the horizon but we know as much as you do about what's going on.  There's a new chow hall on base, mostly the same food but a lot more room and indoor plumbing.  It's pretty nice.   It's been cooler here then it has been in the states, hovering a little over a hundred degrees with zero humidly, it's a dry heat.


I've taken to long walks across the desert on the way home each night, the alone time is peaceful and don't worry, there's a couple of well guarded fence lines between me and the outside world the only thing I have to worry about are the camel spiders and snakes.


Not much to write about this week, I wish I were home with my wife but that's normal, we're well over the halfway mark in our deployment.  I'm glad I'm with a Marine unit, our deployments are only 6 to 7 months instead of a year to 18 months with the Army and National Guard.  They're doing a great job but there is a reason why they're also getting the huge reenlistment bonuses, the Army folk I've talked to are somewhat envious of our shorter deployments.   I'm sure being gone that long away from home isn't good for a marriage.  


Take care everyone!

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