Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I miss good food

Another dry and dusty day in the desert, we're in another lull of injuries.  The entire squadron had a day off Monday and we threw a bar-b-q where there were steaks that were actually quite tasty unlike the boiled pieces of meat that share the appearance and steak name that they serve at the chow hall but really taste and feel like leather.   It takes a fare bit of skill to make a good piece of meat that inedible.  Contrary to popular belief about being in a war zone, it is easy to be a vegetarian out here, actually it's quite easy to imagine how someone would get fed up with the mystery meat products and decide that flesh isn't good for you anymore


I'm just going though my mid deployment gripes, don't take me wrong, the food is worlds better then they had the first go around and what other military has at least one seafood night per week at the chow hall?   It's one night I always make it down the hill.  I can't say too many bad things about the prime rib either but their interpretation of oriental or Mexican food needs much work.   I stick with the vegetarian or fast food (fried foods) those nights.


Breakfast usually consists of waffles (they must have bought stock in the company that supplies them because they would go out of business on the civilian side of the house) or pancakes (which are good), scrambled or boiled eggs (you always know what's in a boiled egg), some breakfast meat product, low bidder bacon (another brand of food that wouldn't make it in the civilian world), sausage pucks or regular sausage (which isn't that bad).   


Tell you the truth, the food isn't too bad, it's just not exciting for this poor Thai boy's taste buds as the grub I put on my table back home.  Trips halfway gone and before long I'll be going out to eat with the lovely wife, there is light at the end of this Iraqi shaped tunnel!

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