Monday, October 09, 2006

One of my Marines wrote this Poem

I clutch to your every resonance as though they were your last.

You continue to utter the exact words my soul desires.

I crave more, I want more!

Some instances I feel remorse. I feel more than regret.

The distance frustrates me.

I must stay focused, I tell myself.

I worry, can you handle it?

A temporary leash applied at will.

A letter size paper, 4 bold digits above.

Your voice, secluded to a telephone "hello", "hey baby".

With your every reply I fall.

The dreaded words "time is up" sounds in the back ground.

Once again my soul plummets.

A thought crosses my mind.

Something of yours.

Something to hold me over.

The arrival of dispatch, leads to an emotional frenzy.

The enclosure formal, yet so personal.

I notice the color in the characters.

I place you in an atmosphere.

As I read they hit me, one after the other.

The words, I play them throughout my head.

As I read I distinguish your tone. Your every pause.

A smile struggles through my face.

Once again my soul plummets.

A notification alerts me.
You're awake. I scurry to get the keys in order.

My fingers trying to out do each other.

Finally a period and the send button on a screen.


Another notification and my posture changes.

Anxiety overtakes me.

I begin to forget. So many things I would like to say.

An "I miss you baby", comes out and I thank my fingers.

"The forms and ways we can communicate will hold me over.

With tiny messages you bring color to my day.

A message from you, my dear, will always mean so much more.

I will call tonight".

Love me.

- Gourrick

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