Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Safe back at my home away from home

With Ramadan going on, most of the fun trips off base have been canceled and there are hordes of upset troops but not I.   I was perfectly happy staying on base, I would have liked the deep sea fishing trip but alas, I'll have to wait till some later date back in the states.  Instead I went on an orgy of surfing the internet and phone calls home.   I went around MySpace posting messages strange messages on everybody in my friends list, don't want them to think that they're long lost friend Sean had went to the other side of the earth and fallen off.   Also updated many of my blog links (whew, lots of dead links), downloaded all of the patches for the laptop and responded to mails from all over.  Being the nerd that I am, I was totally satisfied with that.  Did also use the driving range, play a couple rounds of miniature golf, played Unreal Tournament, ate at the excellent chow hall, played deathmatch Halo on an X-box 360 (very nice on big screen) and in my journeys around base, I discovered the best deal going in the Middle East.


The base PX was having a sale on X-box, PS2 and Game Cube games.  Outside they had this sign hanging that said 75 percent off video games, which would be about 10 bucks er game but I got in there and 75% of the games were priced at 4.99 which is actually 87.5% off, a big difference and no one was even browsing though them!  Huh, what were people thinking, this must be an Army base.   Almost all of the Game Cube and PS2 games were going for that price and a half of the X-box games, the other sale games were going for 7.99 to 15.99.  Dance Dance Revolution (of which I have no urge in getting for myself), normally 60 bucks was going or 15 (on of my Filipino coworkers raves about it, I think it's a Filipino thing because my nieces and nephews who are Filipino live for the game), I also got some Eye Toy games between 7 to 14 bucks including the Eye Toy.   My son who rarely reads this blog is going to get a big surprise in a week or so, wish I were around to catch his expression on film when he opens that box.   4.99 is a cheap price to pay for a bit of happiness and his box has been safely mailed off along with similar care packages to some of my other video game playing friends back in the states, most of my Christmas shopping is done!  


Being of the Dustman clan and member of the sometimes shifty eyed Corpsman group, I know a good deal when I see it.   My sea bag which was mostly empty when I arrived is now full to stretching and I now own one of the largest personal collections of video games in Iraq and I don't even own a system!   My base sells out of these titles fairly quickly and what I did pick up is barely a dent compared to what they sell.  But my guys have been looking for this stuff and I've always believed you need to take care of your shipmates.   The only profit I'm in for is to break even (and maybe purchase a game system (Game Cube, 99 bucks low end system, sorry Barb, don't want to be greedy) to use with the excess games).

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