Sunday, October 15, 2006

Where I stand with Google

Just a brief post about some of the search terms people used to find their way here.

"sailors deployed in iraq not calling home" I'm somehow number one, yet I call home every day.

"soldiers cheating while deployed to iraq" I'm also number one yet if you know me, I worship the ground my bride walks on.

I'm number 15 for "spider video", ok, I can see that.

"Navy Iraq" I'm number 7, wow, do you know how many Sailor's are out here? Lots.

"navy corpsman" I'm also number 7

"iraq corpsman" I'm number 5

Okay, how in the hell did I become number 10 for "asshole cleaning slave"?!?!

Sheesh! Anyhow, my time in this wasteland is almost done, looking foward to returning to the land where there are other colors besides brown and seeing the color riot of my brides hair. Being able to take a regular bath and drink a beer at the same time. Eat pizza that actually tastes good and not having to put on a stitch of clothing. If you don't see me for a while, it's because I'm busy doing other very important things. Thanks for reading!

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