Saturday, July 28, 2007

Comic-Con 2007 San Diego California

This is one event that I’ve been wanting to go to for years and finally for the past two days I’ve been wallowing in a sea of geekdom. Me and 123,000 of my closest friends moved in mass down to the San Diego convention center to check out what’s what in animation, science fiction, fantasy, horror, movies, video games, toys, publishers and the strange and believe me, there are some very strange things.

After two days of walking around almost all day each day, we think we might have gone over the half way mark. Trying to see the entire convention on a day pass is plainly impossible, glad we had went for the 4 day pass. There is just too much to see, each day we’ve come home loaded down with all sorts of interesting swag.

I met Maddox from The Best Page in the Universe and I got to shake his hand and no, I didn't immediately go and wash mine, I've actually been reading him since 99 or so. I got a Hellboy book autographed by Christopher Golden and a bunch of other free books autographed. We watched the first showing of Marvels movie, Doctor Strange, great show!

I’m still going though information overload or else I would write something more intelligent. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to meeting Kevin J. Anderson and seeing the first episodes of Heroes and Battlestar Galactica but for now, I leave you with the pictures I have posted here.

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