Thursday, July 05, 2007

I don’t enjoy fireworks anymore

I missed the 4th last year being in the middle of an Iraqi vacation and I didn’t notice any problems the year before watching the fireworks with my soon to be wife and son. But this year, I noticed that part of my brain was looking for hard objects to hide behind and another part was subconsciously doing measurements of size, direction and how much ground shake there was. I guess I did carry some baggage back with me from Iraq.

Man, I used to love fireworks and the whole season, the great hometown tradition of Prescott Arizona was the 4th of July water fight down town next to the square. People would load into the beds of pickups with a arsenal of water slinging gear such as water balloons, squirt guns in all shapes and sizes and a good attitude. Then around my class graduation in 1991, the local powers that be shut down one of the most enjoyable signature events of the area.

We spent the 3rd with my wife’s grandmother for her 84th birthday and the 4th over at my step sister’s house in Lake Elsinore. Seeing the family is always good.

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