Sunday, July 15, 2007

DITB mentioned in an Armed Forces Journal piece

Called “Web tangle”, a good article and they mentioned me in good terms.

I wrote a post about how the blocking of certain high bandwidth websites affected us from the front. Here’s the quote they used.

“Sean Dustman at Doc in the Box ( observes, "Out
of my 3 tours, there was a maybe a month of time when we were able to get to
these sites from work before it was cut off to our entire base. So we went to
the internet cafe if we wanted to upload pictures and blog posts. ... Know what
happened for that month we could visit those websites [from work]? It slowed
everything ... to a crawl, pages wouldn't load and there were people who wanted
to get official work done and it took forever or the .mil sites would time

And I still stand by it. While it would have been nice to be able to visit these sites from the comfort of my own office, we just don’t have the bandwidth on the government network.

Then there’s the security aspect, if you’ve been on myspace long enough, how many people do you see that have had their profiles hacked or fished? There’s some dirty code going on out there and the internet is full of such brier patches.

Also quoted was Cpl M from A Soldier’s Perspective where I also got the hat tip about the article, thanks for the ping.

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