Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Arizona Bound and meeting Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert

I’m getting ready for a road trip to Arizona, I won’t be long at this house and my tool box is way too big to move around being a single guy. It’s paid off and maybe someday in the future I’ll be able to make full use of it. I could sell it and get a nice wad of cash but unless I’m rich in the future, I’ll never by anything that comes as close to being as nice.

Arizona’s going to give me a chance to touch base with myself, the last month has tried my emotional balance and I could use the stabilizing influence of friends and family. I am getting better, haven’t came close to crying in over a week.

Well the last time was at the book signing a week ago tonight with Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert (son of Frank Herbert). They were doing a signing for Sandworms of Dune, last book in the Dune series. Great stuff to read when you’re in the middle of an alien desert on the other side of the planet, it gives what you see out there a spiritual aspect.

Kevin’s read about my life lately on myspace and out of his 3 thousand odd friends has put me near the top. He knew how much I cared for my wife and could imagine the devastation that I was going though. At the signing at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore he greeted me with a hug and some words of condolences and my eye began to tear up. There were more things I wanted to say but I was a little choked up and told him thank you and that his books were enjoyed by many military folk in my reading circle. It’s funny how a kind word from an almost stranger can tear down the walls you've built.

By the way Kevin and Brian, I finished off Sandworms and wanted to let you know, it’s a great read. You guys did an amazing job pulling in all of the loose plot twists and tying it together in a nice neat bow. Frank’s a hard act to follow but I don’t think he could have picked a better pair to do it then have the two of you to fill in his odd shaped shoes.

I’m eagerly awaiting Metal Swarm this fall (not storm).

Thanks for the closure guys!

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