Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chargers vs. Seahawks

Instead of spending my Sunday at home facing the world though my computer screen, I’ve volunteered to do security at the Chargers preseason game. So if any of my readers are watching or are there, I’ll be running around in black slacks and a red shirt doing whatever they have us do. We're gathing funds for our Christmas party and if I don't do it, how am I going to talk my guys into it?

I seem to be doing okay today, woke up and knowing that she wasn’t there. Maybe it's all of the kind words from my readers. It’s still sad but I’m thinking it’s a situation I can live with. Maybe it’s just time to be single for a while and concentrate on my future. I’ll have to see what that holds for me.

Her leaving did close down all of the doors that I expected to live a month ago but opened up a plethora of others that I wanted to try but wasn’t able to because I was married. I’ll just have to see.

Any San Diego locals out there want a guinea pig or a hamster? Free with cages to a good home.

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