Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nighttime mayhem

Yesterday, while cleaning our room after KBR spread dust all over the place replacing our heater (thanks!). We fried our power cord, I guess the shop vacuum pulls to much wattage for the Iraqi brand cord that I had purchased from the local hajji mart and all of the smoke came out of the wires and it wouldn't work anymore.

So I wasn't able to plug my super loud alarm clock into the wall and we were forced to use a dinky travel alarm clock that my roommate brought with him. We went to bed and I woke suddenly and glanced out the window and saw light shining through the sandbags. Eek! I grabbed my watch (which I took off to take a shower) and put it on my wrist, it said 8:45, ack, I jumped out of bed, said to my roommate in a panicky voice "It's 8:45!" While trying to buckle my watch, the dumb thing wouldn't buckle right.

He glanced over at his watch and said....

"It's 2:15"

I had put on my watch upside down and the light shinning though the window was from light in the lobby.

No, I’m not a morning person and yes, I am a dork.

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