Monday, January 28, 2008

Paint Fumes

My roommate lasted less then a week with the pink walls before he went out and found some Navy Blue Angel blue and white paint for the trim and went all out with painting our room. I showed a remarkably total lack of interest in him painting, personally, I have no issues with pink, I’m used to waking up with a pillow of it next to my head.

Unfortunately the only kind of paint he could find was probably banned in most civilized countries due too the heavy metal content and how would he have known, the can was written in Arabic. So one afternoon, I get off of work and am walking home when I start smelling paint fumes in the air and I’m a couple hundred feet away from the building. I wonder who’s painting outside I think to myself. The fumes just get stronger and stronger till I step into a sauna of fumes and there is my room mate a bit glassy eyed telling me with a slight slur in his voice that our room isn’t pink anymore.

The fan is going full blast out there door and our room is now a dark blue (almost black), the paint looks thick enough to stop bullets and the smell instantly makes me feel light headed and after a minute I had to step out. That night, I cover myself in my blankets making an elaborate filter of cloth so I don’t have to smell the fumes and wake the next morning to find my top layer (the sleeping bag) stuck to the paint on the wall beside the bed, 16 hours after he painted, the walls are still tacky and the smell hasn’t gone down at all. Perhaps I should go tell safety, oh wait, he’s the safety guy!

What in the hell is this stuff? Spiderman’s evil black costume?

It takes the better part of two days for the tackiness to go away and hopefully before too long the fumes will go away too. I think I might be doing damage to my possible future children just being in here typing this, let alone sleeping here.

Blogging news is that I’m going to be going though the PAO for my pictures and letting registering my web sites which isn’t that big of a deal for me since everyone locally already knows about it anyway. I have a new camera on the way, a Canon S3 which has gone down a fair bit in price and I’ve wanted one for years, so expect more pictures and writing in the future. Sorry about the last week, I’ve been in a paint induced fog while my brain cells have self destructed from the smell and haven’t felt up to writing. Hopefully the damage isn’t permanent.

Take care and thanks for the support!

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