Monday, October 13, 2008

Doc in the Box on the removing of toenails

I am a corpsman but don't really blog about medicine that much, so here’s a medical post. The most common medical problem that requires minor surgery while deployed with my Marines seems to be ingrown toenails (I don't know if that's true for others but it is for me) and here’s a video I made of me in action taking out part of a toenail (yes, I screwed up and ripped it in half, but it still came out, just wasn't as pretty on film) and there are subtitles. If you easily get grossed out, don’t click play, for me, it's just something I do at work.

For someone who has a blog called Doc in the Box, you would think that I would have more medical posts.

Update because the readers asked, I did use a nerve block and a rubber tourniquet to stop the blood flow, there are gloves on my hands, they’re just sort of skin toned, my doc was filming and did a great job at it. The wound was lightly packed with cotton for the day a 2x2 and regular 1 inch medical tape wrapped around the toe. The patient actually said it was pain free the next day. There’s no sucking it up unless bullets are flying over my head or if the patient is drunk and has just punched me in the jaw while I'm trying to sew them up (happens).

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