Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Also doing some editing on my blog list

I've added a few new milbloggers to my blog list that are out here in Iraq, all 3 of them are first reads for me, Leviraq tells a chilling story about what happened to his translator e-rocky-confidential is becomeing quite a good read and J from Iraq Calling seems to be a preventive med tech in the army, kinda close to my work. Give them a warm welcome. I also moved some people down to the back from Iraq section and even though I don't agree with much of what River has to say, she does an alright job doing it and it's helpful to get both sides of the story so she's staying in spite of the browbeating I've taken by unknown people. I don't want to get caught leaning any direction one way or another and unless I know who you are, don't expect me to have my blog jump though ideological hoops for your beliefs no matter how logical they are and you're probably right but it's not going to change what I'm saying.

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