Wednesday, May 19, 2004

moving day

I tried emailing this in but it didn't work, will have more to post soon..

My unit just moved to another location on the flight line so there goes my nice private little medical bunker. Medical, Admin, Ops and the Ready Room are all in a big bunker, too bad I'm only getting a quarter of the space that I was before but then again I'm not living in my work center either, moved back into the general population. For the last 3 weeks the entire unit has been dreading the move, many pissed off people, grouchy, bitching, packing and condensing everything down. Then when it happened, we were done in under 30 hours, Semper Gumby, that's us. Other then the actual move (lot's of lifting and lugging around heavy stuff) and loss of com for a few days it went surprisingly smooth. My new office isn't quite the cool bat cave that I had before but across the hall from me is the internet and phone. The only thing that I had down in the original bat cave was power. Every time we had a dust storm and I forgot to shut the airlocks (all the bunkers have double steel airlock doors) everything would be covered in dust, no dust here. First few days we were hoofing it up to our work center from our new living arrangements (mile and a half walk uphill) but tonight they got the bus back from the shop and so we're cooking with gas again.

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