Wednesday, May 05, 2004

We've come a long way

I've become a horrible blogger, I haven't been writing daily about many of my experiences. Like today, the squadron knows that I spend a bit of the time on the internet posting pictures, so they kicked my name up for the internet duty at the Segovia phone center. I was overseas in the nineties doing the unit deployment thing with a Marine F/A 18 squadron, 94 and 95 did 6 month tours that included Iwakuni Japan, Okinawa, Darwin Australia, Thailand and South Korea. Back in the day it was expensive to call home. A dollar plus a minute, we had one guy in my old unit that had a 14 thousand dollar phone bill, no kidding! In most big cities, you can get a person knocked off for that much or buy a new small car. It was a bit of craziness. Now I'm out here in the middle of the nowhere, desert for miles and miles around, closer to danger and further away. Now it's only 4 cents a minute to call home, that's better then my long distance in the rear. Online time is free, high speed, some computers have web cams and we're the people running the system, it's not too bad of a deal. Units take turns on who's running the cafe and everyone is happy. I have plenty of bandwidth post pictures or video conference if I feel the need and I can use my own computer. I'm in awe at how well it's working out, there are minor glitches but most people are just happy having the system up. We've came a long way in the last few years.