Sunday, May 02, 2004

Done with Iraq take One

There are some things that you miss a lot when you're out here from back home, having your own shower that you don't have to wear shower shoes into, baths, choosing what you are going to have for dinner, regular clothes, flushing toilets, ice cream (some chow halls have it, not ours), regular TV but I would still have to say that I have it better then anonymous guy. He's probably going house to house, day to day wondering if some Iraqi that looks like everybody else on the street, you know the ones that smile and wave as you drive by, and when you turn around they shoot a RPG up your wazoo. He could be one of those forward highly mobile people that can't get mail from home because everything that they need is on their back. Guess I'd be pretty tense too if that was me, or maybe not. At least he has time to get on the internet. Just wish he would stop bothering me. I'll have to check out some of my milblog buddies out there and see if he's mad at them too. Anyhow it's a done subject for me.

Lost one of our tents last night in a sand storm, full of people but no one was hurt, I don't take pictures but there were a lot taken. I'll see if I can get some. Sorry I haven't been on lately, just finished up the Iraq Take One slideshow, it took up a couple of days of free time but it looks good. They should start coming on to the family members in a few weeks.