Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

Acquired the film tonight from the local hajji for 8 dollars, sorry Michael no money in you pocket. I was surprised by the interest that my Marines were showing for it. My office was full of chairs and couldn't have fit another person in. So for the next couple of hours except for smoke breaks and coffee, hardly anyone made a sound. Just watched, yes there was a lot of GW bashing, wonder if he made a response? I'm not going go into the exact details here but don't let someone that you don't even know make up you mind for you. Or someone that walked out in the first 15 minutes (I could see it happening in some company after watching the film) for the film is much more then the first 15 minutes and changes subject manner suddenly like a sharp turn in a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs. I just know it kept us riveted and I'm passing it on, by request, to another shop right now. The point Mr. Moore is trying to make, other that he doesn't like President Bush and war in general, it's still vague on the exact message. He's directing us towards something but the film doesn't offer finished answers to the many questions that he put forth. I assume that he's trying to guide us towards some goal but he's making our own minds finish the journey without actually saying it. It does an excellent job at making us ask questions though. If I was GW, I'd be worried, this is the sharpest piece of political campaigning that I've EVER seen, and he does open up on the Democratic Party too. Check it out but if you are conservative it might sully your soul so I warn you now. Whatever else it does it will keep your interest, if anything. Sorry if my watching it offends any of my readers but I'm not much into making judgments on something without first hand knowledge, I do know personally that MM does support the troops whatever his political message is. If you check out the traffic from some of the military support sites, you'd notice that much
of the renewed interest has been from his website links and F9/11. Make up your own mind for I can't make it up for you. Peace.

PS if you're following my fotopages, I'm waiting on clearance from the PAO before posting any new pictures.

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