Monday, July 19, 2004

Who's out here these days

Latest updates on Milblogs out here, I've just been pointed out to this blog by Janie, MY WAR - Fear And Loathing In Iraq very nice! I'm impressed, this guy is out there seeing some serious action and writing some very eloquent posts about the hell that the ground guys go through. It'll give the rest of us a nice prospective about what people on the ground are doing. There's a slew of Corpsman blogs popping up, Beth from A Labrats Journey is heading out my way, guess I could call her my blog daughter, strange to think I have followers. Two other young Corpsman dig into the realities of Naval Hospital life stateside, sounds like they're both up for orders soon, Colin from C's Rant and Mark from Corpsman Up. Who knows? Maybe I'll run into these folk sometime, it's a small world.

On a side note my blog and fotopage were mentioned in an article on the San Diego Union Tribune, a comment on the article, I was just another photo blogger before making it out here. The 380 Marines is the amount of Marines I took care of when the two of my squadrons are together at Edwards AFB, no reserve Corpsman support. I'm out here with just one of the Squadrons so the numbers are less then half of that and I have another Corpsman and a Flight Surgeon with me. It's odd to think I have to go to war to relax but with the job I had in the rear, Iraq is a great vacation! Try being the solo medical guy for 380 Marines, not fun. Marc and Colin, if you ever get offered I+I Duty, turn them down;)

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