Friday, July 02, 2004

The Sky didn't fall in

June 30th came and went, someone from higher up the chain pulled a quick one and passed over power early which negated much of the bad stuff that was probably planned to take place on that date. The day just ended up being another day, nothing special, flew a mission and took some pictures through the NVG's otherwise a pretty quiet night for me. I have mixed feelings about the hand over of Saddam but the news sources aren't really clear how we did it. The word changes between news sources how exactly the hand over went. Common sense says that we've done it in a manner that we're still watching very closely but we're letting the Iraqi's have all the hands on. Where ever he's at he's probably safe from both escape or something interfering with his trial.

Personal news for the 30th of June, a year ago that date was when I started my fotopage, Who could imagine where I would be at today? As an Inspector Instructor Corpsman attached to a Marine Reserve unit, I'm supposed to train the guys that are going forward, usually Reserve Corpsman or Corpsman on a fleet hospital platform. Normally it takes a lot of work to make it possible for us to go forward due to I&I Duty being considered shore duty. Bodies were short for my particular job rating and they asked me to go. The choice of letting my guys go forward with out me or staying in the rear? Well it was a bit tough but I wouldn't have felt good staying back. These were my Marines, I didn't want to hand them over to some stranger to take over for me. Glad I did, my fotopage has been a great asset for keeping in touch with the family members in the rear. With it, we're not just letters in the mail, emails, instant messages or staticy phone calls, families have a face that they can look at, see that we're doing alright and show a bit of what we're doing. If someone doesn't call home enough or needs to get a hold of a Marine, a comment can be left 24 hours a fairly large percentage of the unit and me usually tells that person to call or email home, also a nice place to leave messages of support. It's better then having mom calling congress (does happen more then you might think) telling them that she hasn't heard anything from her son/daughter in ages and worried sick that something has happened and the persons unit is trying to hide it (yes we are in a war zone and family members back home do get paranoid, it's normal). This leads said Marine to being called in front of the old man, whom is now cranky because he just got a call from someone higher then him to have that Marine call home. My way is much simpler and less painful. Just throwing some thoughts out there, thanks for reading.

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