Thursday, July 15, 2004

new movie rating system developed after watching King Arthur

People are probably thinking I'm a slacker but as the old saying goes "when the corpsman is bored everybody is happy". Actually everybody is doing well right now. Nobody limping around, no great healing gashes and no one has been hurt by hostile action during our entire trip. Maybe I shouldn't say anything about that'. Considered bad luck to say the Q word about how the medical business is going.

We just got done watching King Arthur and we're developing a new rating system based on the sounds the come out of J's mouth. We have compared him to the girl in the movie Scream that the audience stabs to death, one of those people that always finds a way ruin a good movie. Trying not to talk bad about my battle buddy J but the nicest of the most common sounds from the rest of us are, "shut up!" or from me "stab him in the leg with a needle" or the classic "are you trying to piss us off?".

A while back, I walked into a room where our day crew people were sitting, mesmerized by the movie The Last Samurai and I waited till exactly the right moment and with a voice pitched just right, not to loud, directed a question at the guy on the other side of the room asking for the can opener sitting on the desk next to his hand, just loud enough that he had to concentrate on what I was saying. He looked at me startled like I had slapped him and said "what?" and I answered "ever mind", and turned to leave. Then the words sunk in to his brain and he grabbed the can opener and passed it my direction. I held it for a second, then set it down on the desktop right next to the door and walked out. Heh heh heh. Totally broke up their concentration and I didn't even use it. Anyhow, J was on duty that night and he wanted me to make sure that he wasn't missed. So it all started off with me asking myself, "hmmm, what would J do?"

Yes I'm evil when necessary, the movie had 15 minutes to go and I went over and grabbed some chow and waited for what was sure to follow. Sure enough they walked in to the chow tent ranting and raving, they must have spent a better part of the hour calling me all sorts of names, I almost choked 3 times and came close to having potato's come out of my nose. Maybe there is something to this ruining of the moment thing.

Back to the rating system, we've since found out that the less sounds that J makes the better the movie and a really strong sign of a good movie is when we all pause the movie to take a break and J almost looks hurt and doesn't want to go out. Well we only heard 30 or so words out of him in King Arthur so it gets our original 'J shut's his mouth stamp of approval".

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