Tuesday, April 05, 2005

before my time

Visiting Tragic’s family was an endless source of wonder, with picture’s of her decorating the walls and table tops. Snap shots of her life before she knew me, to think she existed before I met her! Our lives seem so entwined in the present that it’s easy to forget that we have hardly scratched each others pasts, even with us being bloggers and putting our innermost thoughts out to the world. We’re only putting forth moments of our lives. There’s worlds of existence that we haven’t even touched.

Here’s a picture on the wall of her and a friend, what is she thinking of? What’s making her tic at this moment in life? What kind of dreams is she having? I know she doesn’t have any idea that she’s going to be marrying me, but I wonder who her ideal was back then? Over here there’s a picture of her graduating, different hairstyle and clothes. Who is this stranger that is going to be my future wife? I can’t get enough of her.

In my wildest fantasies, I had never dreamed of marrying someone like her. She isn’t the perfect bride that I imagined (not that I had a clear idea what one was supposed to be like) Somehow she’s better then any vision that I had. I don’t think having a showroom wife is the key to happiness, finding that someone that takes advantages of your flaws and likes you even more for them might be.

We all have quirks about us that make us what we are, those imperfections that make you think, no one could love this part of me. She’s almost custom tailored to my flaws, I can stare at her for hours and not get tired of looking, we’re both tragically clumsy (pun!), we’re nerdy reading people, our silly since of humor matches and not to mention that neither of us has ever fell for someone this hard, it‘s good that it‘s happening to both of us. Don’t worry, I’m not going to let this one out of my sight. Plus the added bonus, my son thinks she’s super cool.

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