Monday, April 04, 2005

Visiting my future inlaws and son

Tragic and I have been on a road trip all over northern California this weekend, pulled into her dads house Saturday night. Wow, yes I picked the proper girl for me, he has roughly 4 times as many books as I do and shelving units covered with electronic gear (sort of looks like my dads house but not quite as stuffed). My first hour or so in his house I spent gawking at the walls. She's lived with someone like that all of her life and to her it looks normal, if I had searched my whole life I couldn't have found someone well groomed and trained to be with a geek like me! He's pretty cool and we share many of the same nerdy interests (scifi channel get much airtime there). Next day we went to her mom's for a family dinner with her grand parents. Her grand father is a retired Marine MSgt who made it through World War II, Korea and Vietnam. When he joined, he was making under 60 bucks a month! Her entire family is a bunch of story tellers and we went in a circle passing stories around and no hun, I wasn't bored at all.

Today I'm picking up my son Collin and will play it by ear, thanks everyone for the warm welcome back. I'm very glad to be here!

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