Sunday, April 24, 2005


As a huge fan of pulling pranks on fellow military buddies, the guy that does Dance, White Boy, Dance, has got me totally beat.

A little story about our trip to Arizona last weekend, while in Prescott, pulled into my best friend Larry's house and step out of the truck and someone starts screaming like a banshee and I see Chase and Larry running from out of the trees pointing rifles at me, hollering at the top of their lungs. I stand there and stare while they start pelting me with plastic pellets; I turn around then, ouch! Those things hurt. Well I can either run or just stand there; they’re waiting for me to run so I suck it up and wait them out. 3 pellets later and they’re done, whew. See what kind of friends I have? He’s still making up for prior pranks that I’ve pulled on him. I was at my sisters house that night and there’s trash piled up all up and down her street (free trash day, say free in Arizona, everyone will wait), her neighbor has a full set of wire Christmas Rain Deer sitting out, you know the ones with the moving heads and lights? Hmm... Larry and Jen walked out the next morning some deer doing the National Geographic thing, heh. But it’s a week later, I still have a red dot on my forehead, sigh!

Currently house shopping around San Diego, first weekend without Tragic and I'm moping slightly, mostly just tired for some reason. Too my excitement for my advanced age.

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