Friday, April 22, 2005

One of my blog children does good!

Soldier's Mom got an MSNBC Mention yesterday along with some other Milbloggers, you can see the written blurb from Joho the Blog! and the video here. Soldier's Mom is a local from my beautiful hometown of Prescott AZ and she has one son deployed to Iraq with the Army, one in the Navy, another that's ex Navy and a daughter that is going through Med school. Her husband is a retired Naval officer, I guess you could say she's in a military family, sorry I didn't get to do a fly by last weekend but I'll be making more trips your direction over the summer. Should be back to regular blogging soon, it's hard to concentrate when your schedule is as full as mine has been the last few weeks. Tragic was a hit with the family (and I think I was a hit with hers too!)

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