Saturday, July 16, 2005

3rd website Updated

I've opened up a Castpost account like the castpost made by Jack Army, his first Castpost shows the value of body armor. I saw his Castpost last night and thought, wow, I want that! Pretty cool service. The video on mine was done by members of the Norwegian Army (thanks Marlon, you can tell by the viking longship on their shoulder patches) I've laughed every time I've seen it, rumor has it, when it came out over there, everyone was emailing it to each other on government computers and it clogged the network (Update, that was the video below, "The Way to Amarillo, story here). Good work on the video guys. I have hours of video that I've taken, be posting best of clips soon, just have to edit and weed it down a bit.

UPDATE, Another highly entertaining music video made by the Royal Dragoon Guards over in Iraq and can be found Here it's a remake of "The Way To Amarillo", thank you Myron and Jessica for leading me to it at exactly the same time, I've never seen it before. Heh heh.

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