Friday, July 22, 2005

Deployments and Relationships

It’s true, deployments will make a strong relationship, stronger and shatter the weak ones. LA Times just published a pretty good article about relationships and deployment and the rise in divorce rates (hat tip to T Bone, nice blog by the way). I’m getting married shortly and this isn’t an issue that I’m worrying about in my relationship, but it is something that I follow very closely. Just watching relationships around me degenerate and from being in them myself. The article tells of this Joey character (it must be an Army saying because I've never heard it) who pops into your home while you're away. This is the guy or gal who's hooking up with your significant other when you’re gone on deployment (that bum who's living at your house who your neighbors keep are emailing you about).

Use common sense folks when turning over all your earthly possessions over to someone else. Getting married to someone you barely know right before you deploy could be one of the worse mistakes you ever make in life and could set you back in a hole that's really hard to crawl back out of. It’s not a nice article but it is good info to anybody who's in a relationship with a military member or in the military (and it might make those people that pray on military members who are about to deploy feel guilty for being Evil slugs). No sugar coating here. My advice? Be careful and always have an exit strategy in case the worse thing you could think of (other then dying) happens to you (then you might want to die and we get into the subject of raising suicide rates, which is another rant).

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