Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy 4th Everyone!

I think my bride is going to get tired of my whorl wind trips to Arizona. Not that I’m in bad family graces but I do spend an extraordinary amount of time doing odd jobs for the folks back home. This weekend was another trip that went state wide, drove in to Prescott late Friday night and stayed out my mom’s house in Paulden. Saturday drove back down to Prescott to touch bases with my best man and get an oil change then it was off to Seligman to my mom’s restaurant to take pictures of food (she has a lot of foreign tourists that don’t speak English, her old pictures where fading) So I spent a little while setting up the lights, taking the picture then eating. So much for my diet, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to fit into my uniform or her into her dress after that. Morning was more of the same but customers got to share the task of eating, whew.

That afternoon, it was another trip out to my grandparent’s house in Cottonwood to pick up canning jars. On the way out there Tragic and I stopped by the Haunted Hamburger in Jerome (Jerome is an old mining community on the side of a hill) and she had a veggie burger with cheese and mushrooms and I had a green chili cheese steak, that was the best cheese steak I’ve ever had! If your ever up there I highly recommend the place.

Got back to Paulden that night and the next morning we drove down to Phoenix to pick up my son from the airport (of course there were other family things that needed to be done). My dad is the largest collector of electronic junk bar non of any body I’ve ever met. He has 3 storage garages filled with stuff and needed to consolidate it into 2. A hundred and ten out and we started working, 3 hours and 6 bottles of water later, there was a semblance of order and more then half of the stuff moved from one to the other. While all of this was going on, Tragic and Diane went over to the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) 4th of July lunch in where she hung out with a bunch of elder folk that told war stories (her being the history buff was probably in hog heaven).

Then it was time was time to go pick up my son from the airport, we went by the house, unloaded a truckload of stuff and cleaned up a bit. He gave me a ride to the gates and I, went out to meet Collin (my son). Got back to my dads house where I went to do the last family task of the trip. My mom also runs sidewalk garage sale that goes on next to the gift shop. Her friend Annette picks up stuff from garage sales in Phoenix and I bring them north when I’m down here, so loaded up my truck once again, went to back to my dads picked up the fiancée and son and we were off, left Phoenix around 5. Of course had to stop and take pictures at different places (Tragic wanted to get some cactus pictures and I wanted some of Collin being Collin) We made it up to Prescott just in time to catch a ringside seat for the fireworks. One empty parking space set aside just for us. Took pictures of fireworks then to my mom’s to take a shower and it was lights out, I was beat.

Today, we slept in and left, I taught Tragic how to drive a stick (bonus!) So she’s driving and I’m typing this out as we pull back into San Diego. She only stalled 4 times and didn’t grind the gears at all (she drove all but 50 miles out of 420 miles) She’s a driving machine. Thanks for putting up with my wacky ways dear!

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