Monday, October 17, 2005

Milblogging news

New post from Eric of Dagger Jag, it's been 10 months since he's posted and will the wonders never cease? Sgt Hook posted too! Eric is from the same batch of OIF 2 milbloggers that sprung me out and Sgt Hook is one of the original crew, looks like they're both getting back in the game. Other news, T-bone and Risawn have some great pictures to prove to the rest of us that it's way cooler to take R&R in Europe (T-bone has some good points about Rome that I over looked when I was doing pro's and con's in my vacation hunting equation). Thunder6, Sgt Long, Phil, Ma Deuce Gunner, Steven Kiel and Major K all offer their views direct from the ground in Iraq following the election. Myself? I've been laid up with SARS or avian bird flu all weekend. Hardly made it out of bed. Airshow I was supposed to work? The closest I got to seeing planes were the shadows going by the window, hopefully I'll be better soon.

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