Sunday, October 30, 2005

Radical Wackos

Has anyone noticed that there seems to be a worldwide movement of radical Muslims against any religion that isn’t theirs or against other Muslims that aren’t radical enough? 3 school girls beheaded? What’s image does that put out to the world.?

“Look, my religion says it’s alright to be serial killers and behead young girls”

India and Pakistan have opened up the border in 5 places, something war hasn’t been able to do in decades. The prospect of peace upset the terrorists so much that they immediately set off 3 bombs in New Delhi that killed 62 people.

The president of Iran wants to wipe the Jews off the map and at the same time wants the peaceful use of nuclear power. Wasn’t he identified as one of the guys that took over the American embassy in 1979 for 444 days?

The Pentagon just let out the numbers of how many Iraqi’s have been killed by insurgents, 26,000 killed since January 1st, 2004. That doesn’t include the numbers killed by coalition forces. That’s 13 times the number of Americans killed.

There are many out there preaching for peace but the people that we’re fighting don’t want peace, they want a world wide revolution and chaos. Burn all of the books, death to infidels, women are traded for sheep and stoned on a regular basis. Every inch we give them, they’ll take and crush the opposition. If you don’t agree…

Off with your head!

Does that sound familiar?

I’m all for staying at home and doing peaceful non wartime activities. I don’t agree with our reasoning behind going into Iraq and I’m not afraid to admit it. But the only thing that will be accomplished by backing out now will be to let the radical wackos to take over and isolating ourselves from the rest of the world.

We’re needing out there. Tsunami, Pakistan earthquake, our own hurricane. Every time there is a fire in the world, who are you going to call? We are not only the police, we’re the firefighters too. We're the largest fastest rapid response force in the world and I don't remember the last time we said no to relief effort for a desaster. Have you heard of a single radical that lifted a hand to help? These aren't good people.

I don't want these wackos taking over a house, let alone a country. They don't do anything for the common good and even if I wasn't in the US Military. They would love to lop off my melon just because I'm not one of them.

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