Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's Halloween and if you sound like Darth Vader...

….something is very wrong.

I got over that horrible cold a couple of weeks ago, my house was decorated with a bunch of Halloween stuff and I was expecting to have a great weekend. Mine and Heather’s birthday is coming up this week so we decided to throw a Halloween/birthday party with everybody dressing up. Instead of this well thought out plan, I started feeling froggy and feverish that morning, by the time of the party, I could only handle 2 beers and wasn’t in the party mood (the party did go over well though). Sunday rolled around I was laid out in bed.

Go to work on Monday, my head was feeling like a balloon with a marble rolling around inside. I leave the building every time I have to cough bits of lung butter. Yes I was paranoid about washing my hands and using hand sanitizer but my coworkers couldn’t hide their sigh of relief when I went home a bit early. It’s Halloween night and also my brides birthday, our first birthday together as a married couple. I’ve discovered something that sucks about having your birthday on Halloween, it’s difficult to make dinner plans and give out candy at the same time.

I wake up Tuesday morning to my bride telling me I’ve kept her up all night with my hacking and loud breathing. At work they kick me out and tell me to go to sick call and when I step in the exam room, the corpsman there tells me that I sound like Darth Vader. Great, the Doctor spends a few minutes listening to my lungs and sends me over to X-ray where we discover that I have pneumonia that can even be seen by my untrained eye from across the room. I am told to go directly home force fluided and given some heavy duty antibiotics and a goodie bag full of other get well meds.

It’s Wednesday and I’ve been lying here on the couch, still sound a bit like Darth but breathing a bit easier. Hopefully I’ll be better soon. Free medical kicks butt.

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