Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Kara and David

What a train wreck, I’ve been reading the blogs of David Ludwig and Kara Beth Borden. While interesting, what is more interesting is the takes of all of the friends on their buddy lists. From people that worked with David, went to bible study with both of them, friends that live down the street and heard the shooting, show’s how interconnected everything is getting these days.

What went wrong here? Sad and dumb. Show’s anybody is capable of this kind of craziness. Two nice kids, hormones and a single moment of emotion cut a huge swath right down the middle of this Christian community. I don’t feel guilty about posting their blog addresses, David has already had 92 thousand visitors in the last two days, I don’t think my 200 or so is going to add much.

Here's some people that know them from Lancaster (work, friends, church) and some other home schoolers with Xanga sites that have posted about this, Ryan, Cristen, Matthew, Jess, Zachary, Kayla, Jessica, Phil and Ryan. Please don't go to these pages and flame these poor kids.

update: Kara's Xanga and myspace site have been pulled, guess she's back on line. Her best friend Kayla's Xanga has also been shut down.

update number 2: To those still following this story, OptyMyst has started a blog focused on Kara and David. Good foot work!

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