Wednesday, November 30, 2005

An uncounted blessing

A little over a month ago, I caught some sort of bug and spent a week lying in bed reading and watching the tube. My wife would come home from work, make me some soup and turn the TV to Charmed each night at 5 on TNT. Me being the loving husband that I am, didn’t argue and let her have control of the remote. As it turns out, TNT plays 2 hours of charmed each week night. Not a show I would normally watch but after watching 10 episodes that week, I returned to work the week following and found myself coming home from work and plopping down on the couch next to my wife to see what the Halliwell’s were up to that day. Over the period of a month and a half, I think we went through the better part of 4 seasons at two episodes a night (not including watching the current episodes on Sunday night).

The day before yesterday, we got back from Arizona following a seven day fast away from the sisters (they were playing golf on Tuesday and Wednesday on TNT last week, bastards!) Got home from work, we made a mad rush to the couch and clicked on channel 27...

... Huh? Are they going through some kind of time loop? Everybody looked like they were still in high school. What’s Shannon Doherty doing on the series? Isn't she supposed to be on that 90210 show? All of the bad guys look like Power Rangers! Where’s my Paige? They had started the series over.

No! NO! Noooo! My wife has turned me into a Charmed junky!

While disappointed (and teary eyed), this has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, I am no longer wasting two hours each day watching the show and able to pull myself away and do other things around the house, perhaps even blog a bit more.

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