Thursday, November 17, 2005

Out with the old...

The car my wife has been driving around for the last 5 years just breathed it’s last breath and we’re donating her organs to charity. She was an old friend who had brought Heather and I together (but old and ugly as dirt). It was sad to see her go and my lovely wife shed tears when she turned her in. But like all good things, it was time to move on.

Her dad has been picking on her for years over her crazy love for boxlike Oldsmobile’s and I think between her dad and I, we have broken her of this twisted love.

She’s been admiring a certain kind of car for years, the image of this vehicle has been floating around in the back of her head. After mooning and fantasying about this for all this time from afar, she’s now the proud owner of ....

...a 2002 Electric Green Volkswagen Beetle Turbo S!

This is the newest car either of us have owned, drives nice and it even has this cool rear spoiler that pops up at 30 miles per hour to hold it down around corners.

Love you Pumpkin and I'm just glad to see the smile on your face, good choice, there isn't a car that fits anyone better then this one does you.

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