Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Marines

230 years ago during the American Revolutionary War, a resolution of the Continental Congress resolved to raise two battalions of men who were to be used as landing troops for the newly created Continental Navy. These gentlemen were called the Continental Marines. Every year since that date on November 10th, Marines gather around and pay tribute to a long legacy of steely eyed warriors. Months are spent getting ready, chow halls serve lobster and steak, dress uniforms have been dry cleaned and large amounts of money have been dropped on the mounting medals and buying ball gowns for dates. This is the event that every Marine looks forward to.

The Marines are world renowned as “America’s 9-1-1 Force” and over the last few years have re-enforced that image. Whatever the problem, they have proved that they are the premier fast-response task force, from house to house combat in Iraq to providing humanitarian assistance to thousands of people in the wake of the South East Asian tsunami, when called, they have been there and will continue setting a standard of excellence second to none.

Happy Birthday Marines!

Semper Fi

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