Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blah, nothing going on here

I’m trying to come up with a post but my brain has been stuck in la la land from a couple of different sources. Couple of pounds of snot clogging up my head and lungs and some very snazzy medications that my kind doctors kindly given me have mushed out all of my higher thought processes. The only thing going on in my life has been going up and down the stairs and running out of breath that goes with that. My laptop is still on the fritz and I’m not going to tackle that job on narcotics. I can tell you when I started feeling sick the first time around, on the 9th of October, I went out boogey boarding with my sisters boyfriend (also took some cool surfing pictures) that night I developed a low grade fever and sore throat. The next weekend was laid up and was better the week following till this sickness showed up last Saturday.

Guess this has been a pretty bad week, my wife’s car took a dive and I was unable to work on it (every time I bent over my head felt like an over full water balloon). So we brought it in and discovered that she had a cracked sparkplug from her tune up 6 months ago (no I didn’t do it). But for two days she got to drive my diesel suburban, she’s the first person other then me to drive it. It’s big and oh so slow, I was afraid for her and every other driver on the road. She did great and didn't run over anybody.

I’m going to try going back to work in the morning (fingers crossed), hopefully this isn’t some evil spell set on my by an ex.

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