Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Saturday at Knott's

I have a secret to tell, my wife has never been on a big roller coaster so last Saturday we gathered up 2 of my nieces and made a road trip to take advantage of the Knott’s Berry Farm’s, Tribute to Veterans, good deal, with a military ID, you and a guest get in for free from November 1st till the 24th. Her car had just decided to take a dump so we were stuck driving up there in my extended cab S-10, not the best road trip vehicle but it's only an hour drive away (the burbin is polky).

Got there and it was packed, we ended up parking at the far side of the parking lot. We started off slow to get a feel of the place with the log ride and I said, "lets go on the next ride down this way…."

Which was this ride called the Supreme Scream, a 254 feet tower that drops you at 50 miles per hour while your feet dangle over nothing. Me and my younger niece Stephanie used peer pressure to get her sister Kate to go, the lovely wife showed no fear at all.

That is, till we were about half way up and she said “Sean, I am now having a panic attack”, saying this took us almost to the top where the ride stopped and I replied, “I think they heard you and stopped us” Woosh we fell down and there was screaming.

It actually was a bit spooky, once down on the ground, Kate spent a few minutes punching Steph and I in the arms.

Next stop was the Xcelerator, a O to 82 mph in 2.3 second ride. The line was huge and we stood in it for 45 minutes and were right up next to the gate when the ride broke. Figures.

This is where the wife put down her foot and wanted to go on a kiddy ride. Alright (silent sigh), we went over to Fiesta Village where they had a ride called the Hat Dance (like tea cups but with a huge Mexican hat on top), does the same thing spins about a big circle and you can turn the wheel to spin it faster. And we did. We were hungry but that soon went away and we stumbled around till we somehow ended up being steered into a ride called Montezooma’s Revenge which was Heather’s first loop to loop roller coaster. Yes, we all screamed.

Now we were ready for anything and anything was a ride called The Silver Bullet (my name sake) which opened up last Christmas, a huge inverted roller coaster that can stand head to head on anything I’ve ever been on (maybe not X at 6 Flags but it is close). Of course there was more screeming.

Couple more rides after that but they were mostly slower rides. Had a great time, might go up there again soon.

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