Thursday, November 10, 2005

If this blog were a car, it would be time for a replacement

My sitemeter sometime today is going to roll over the 200 thousand mark! Unlike the first hundred thousand, I did the second without the AP sending 70 thousand visitors over at me in one weekend. Wonder how many Matt, Chuck and Greyhawk get everytime they get a story gets written about their site? They're all over the news.

Plan on heading up to Knott's Berry Farm tomorrow, every year as far back as I've been in, they've had at least one month, every year, Free for the Military, Seaworld does it too. You'll never see anything like coming out of Disneyland or Six Flags, it would spoil their bottom line. Have a great weekend every one, don't forget why you're getting this long weekend and how many people gave up their lives so you can enjoy it.

PS we're still ahead of the Army guys, keep up the good work!

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