Saturday, November 05, 2005

It's my Birthday today!

I'm 33, it was also my wife's birthday on Halloween, actually started feeling a bit better today, hopefully I'll be well enough to work on Monday. Not that I don't love lying about in bed all day but it's much more fun when I'm not coughing up large chunks of lung butter and having crazy fever dreams. Root canal, pneumonia, Heather's car went poop for a couple of days, had a staph infection on my eyebrow, oh wait didn't write about that on the blog. Yeah a while back ago, part of my eyebrow rotted off, just a small part. So in case you meet me in person some time in the future and I tell you some crazy war story about a knife fight with a bad guy in Iraq to explain the ugly scar, just tell me I'm full of it.

It has been a crazy month but I'm just thankful to be married to my wonderful wife. I could search for a 1000 years and not find someone that suits me as well as her. So even being sick, I couldn't be happier.

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