Tuesday, October 25, 2005

No more emails from Stella

Maybe I’m one of the few close dear friends of Stella Obasanjo, you see we've been sharing emails back and forth ever since she offered to share her fortune with me. You ask, who is Stella Obasanjo? She's the troubled wife of the Nigerian president. In late 2001 after that Towers Towers event, she started sending me these desperate emails, saying that she wanted to leave her husband and asking if I (being total stranger at the time), could help her. Each morning I would come to work eagerly, hoping my ship had came in and she would be sitting at my desk with a suitcase full of cash and plane tickets to Fiji and we could ride off into the sunset (of course I dropped these dreams once I met my beautiful wife).

All I need to do for eternal love and wealth is hold her money in my account, oh what bliss, free money!

I still had fond memories and would have enjoyed introducing her to my wife (who would have also been glad for the excess cash but not the sharing of my body), but now those dreams have been dashed for she passed away at the tender age of 59 from complications undergoing plastic surgery in Spain. Guess my ship isn't going to come in (well, that ship anyway).

(In case you don't know what I'm talking about look here)

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