Sunday, October 02, 2005

Warming up

With warmer ocean temperatures and stories of melting ice caps, I would think the idea of living below sea level a bad deal. No matter what your thoughts on global warming are, the ice caps are melting and I’d side with a scientist any day over a politician concerning this stuff. Logic prevails because it’s just a matter of time before the next big one hits. Know what happens when ocean water warms up? Every degree of higher water temperature increases the potential for the formation of a hurricane and with greater sized areas of warm water, the hurricanes that are formed are sure to be large healthy beasts that, like Godzilla, will go over the works of man and toss them about like toys.

At least in California, all we have to worry about is earthquakes, wild fires or if you’re living on the edge of a cliff, your house mudsliding down the edge.

I wonder how much damage to the environment all of those trashed oil platforms are doing? Not to mention the loss oil production. If we had started drilling in the artic when they wanted to, instead of two birds in the bush, we would have the one in the hand.

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