Thursday, February 09, 2006

drudgery and endless filing

My brain has gone to mush, getting ready for our upcoming trip and crunching numbers. Get home and my feet have been growing roots in the carpet, just haven’t had any good blog ideas or anything of interest happen in my life other then drudgery and endless filing of paperwork.

For those that don’t know, I’m getting ready for another trip to the Middle East, for which I’m just another small cog in the great machine. My small efforts towards getting my unit ready have probably laid waste to a small forests worth of paper work which myself and my cohorts have to either fill out or review then file away.

Oh the joy of deployments.

With the story about the failed attack on the LA high rise that came into light today, it reminded me of the first skyscraper I went into, which was the Phoenix MEPS, after 9/11. Only a couple of weeks later, I know the group I was with was a bit jumpy. Do you remember the first one you went into?

My wife pointed me out to the story of the 1st Lt that was billed for the body armor that was cut off him by Army Medic's when he got hit by shrapnel. The Army wouldn't let him out till he paid for it. I'll have to think about that before I have to hack off someones vest and make sure the proper paperwork is filled out afterwards. Not to mention to watch out for my own if I get blowed up!

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