Thursday, February 16, 2006

Troubled by mob violence

I am troubled each night I watch the news, when did it become popular for mob violence to make the rules? Is it my imagination or is someone trying to inflame a worldwide civil war between the mobs and every one else that wants to maintain order. My basic problem with protesting is that it’s controlled by mob mentality. There might be a bunch of smart folk in the group but put them together in a march and the average intelligence goes to the smallest denominator. Once tempers are lost everything goes to hell in a hand basket. There’s no reasoning there, either step back and let them destroy what ever real estate they’re gathered on or go in with force.

When did this become okay? Running through the streets shooting rifles in the air? Last week these guys are wigging out about a crappy cartoon that looked like it was drawn by a 10 year old, this week it’s over some leaked photographs. What’s it going to be next week?

What we really need to figure out is how to change their mentality. It’s hard to talk over that chanting of “DEATH TO (whom ever pissed them off that week)”. They’ll listen to us while we’re handing over money rebuilding and once they leave the room they’ll hop into their ninja outfits perform all sorts of crazy acts.

We’re in a place where we can’t afford to make mistakes. Abusing detainees has sure came back to bite us in the rear. We’re not the lynch mobs, we’re professionals. We need to keep our head on a swivel, keep good records and not place our honor as United States servicemen on the line for anybody. We not the bad guys, I know this because I’m not, nor a vast majority of the people I work with and have worked with. We need to keep that in our heads when we’re thrust in a bad situation without the nice veneer civilization around us. Maybe put this thought in your head “Would my mother be proud what I’m doing right now?” Think of all the bad news stories out there about the military, would any of them been in that situation if they had followed that advice?

Eventually all of these bad stories will be that, just bad stories that happened in the past and the mobs won’t have reasons to gather. We can’t control what other people say but we can control our own actions and what comes out of our mouths. Eventually the regular mob folk will notice that maybe we’re not the enemy that they’ve made us to be and get tired of long gas lines, living like homeless people and the comforts of civilization and the voices of hate will lose some of their captive audience.

They’ll be the only ones willing to put up a show, setting up attacks and such.

Well, we all know what to do with those guys.

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