Saturday, February 25, 2006

Iraq and Kuwait take's

I've uploaded all of the movies I made while deployed forward with HMM-764 here, this all takes place during the summer of 2004. They're sitting around gathering dust, might as well share them.

The back story on these movies.

Back in 2003 I started out with a fotopage, I had been reading blogs of troops deployed to Iraq and after a bit of peer pressure, started a regular blog, Doc in the Box. Still using the fotopage to keep the families back home up to date on our deployment, I saw a couple of videos that other units were doing of their trips and said to myself, hmmm, wonder how one of my movies would look? A couple of weeks sitting around doing nothing in Kuwait produced, Kuwait Take One. Sold them for 5 bucks which included packaging and postage, I put the money towards the computer gear fund. It was a shameless use of technology to make the folks back home miss us while we were far away.

Next stop on our trip was Iraq, I added some video clips in Iraq Take One which was followed by Iraq takes Two and Three. Hopefully I've learned something about making movies since then. Enjoy.

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