Saturday, January 20, 2007

Del Mar’s Dog Beach

Today we discovered a new dog beach in Del Mar, I’m probably letting out a big secret but the way you get down there is turn off of the 5 freeway on Via de la Valle road toward the ocean, keep going till you hit Camino Del Mar and make a left and the beach is on the right hand side a few hundred feet after the turn. There’s parking right there but it’s 2 bucks an hour and that’s craziness. So instead drive across the bridge and park on the side of the road where it’s free. There’s two reasons for do this, one it’s free and the other is that it will give your dog a chance to dry off before getting in your car.

Of course being the photo geek that I am, I’ve posted pictures on my fotopage. Nice beach, Gatsby had a great time and it’s tremendously funny watching him jump off rocks only to find out the water on the other side was deep. Heh.

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