Saturday, January 06, 2007

Does L.E. Modesitt’s writing stick to anyone else’s brain like glue?

I started reading Mr Modesitt’s work in the early eighties with The Fires of Paratime (which I bought a decade later labeled as The Timegod, I still own that copy of The Fires of Paratime). I’ve found over time that I’ve been able to fall back into reading any of his books, years later. Open just about any of his stories to any page and it’s like falling back into wherever he wants to send you. There are other individual books that I can do that with, Ender’s Game by OSC, Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon but the only authors who have been able to hook me with consistently with just about anything they write are Mr Modesitt, David Gemmel (deceased), Robert Jordan (yes but he uses evil cliff hangers and with his illness could disenchant millions of readers away from epic fantasy), Steven Brust and Neil Gaiman.

All of you have learned the secret cadence of words that sink into the brain like stones and eventually make the reader look out at the world through the eyes of their characters.

Thank you Mr Modesitt, your books have brought me many years counted down by hours of joy to my life. When I was in the middle of a war zone, I could open one of your books and be transported away and your books have more bang for the buck, I could be stuck someplace and just keep re-reading with out it growing old. You let your writing speak for it’s self, you don’t entice people to come back with cliffhangers (like that RJ fellow), any one of your books stand and can hold themselves up without the rest of the series, reading the other books just adds to the colorful tapestry that you paint in our heads. You don’t leave your fans hanging.

As a current squid to an ex squid, thank you.

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