Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dinner date with a fellow blogger

We made a road trip up to Anaheim this weekend to visit my wife’s grandmother and have a dinner date with Tammi from Tammi’s World. We drove up to Whittier on Saturday to have lunch with her grandmother and talk her into babysitting the dog while we went out (it’s like having a kid all over again).

Grandma Lois was a little worried that I was running off to have dinner with some woman I’d met on the internet. She really doesn’t know much about blogging so Heather and I both reassured her and off we went.

Tammi is doing a show at the convention center down in Anaheim and after a few wrong turns, arrived to find her waiting at the curb in front of her hotel. I had googled restaurants in the area and there was literally dozens, so instead of making plans, we waited for a restaurant to jump out at us. The first Buco de Beppo had a waiting list of an hour and 45 minutes. The next set didn’t have a single empty parking slot so we drove further away from the lights of Disneyland and found a little Italian hole in the wall with Chinese waitresses. It was a little strange but the food was good.

Tammi was just like she reads, very down to earth and friendly. We talked about blogging cliques that we’re members of and how everybody in the blogosphere seems to flow back into the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Tammi more so then any other blogger fits into the same niche that I do as far as making travel plans with meeting up with blogging buddies as we go. Whether business or pleasure, we’re always meeting new people.

Dinner was pure pleasure, to finally attach a face and a 6’ 2” body along with the words I’ve been reading for years. Conversation flowed, helped along by a rather large pitcher of beer Tammi and I split. I have decided I want her job when I grow up, going all over the place pitching ideas and products and meeting bloggers? How can you go wrong. Thanks for the dinner, next one is on me and I look forward to seeing you at the Milblog Convention.

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