Monday, April 16, 2007

America at the Crossroads

It’s series of 11 two hour independently produced documentaries about the War on Terror. The series started last night (I started watching it after Drive with Nathan Fillion of Firefly fame, great show BTW).

Last nights episode was titled “Jihad: The Men and Ideas Behind Al Qaeda”, tonight’s first hour is titled “Warriors”; we’re watching it right now. The film crew caught an IED attack during filming and the attack that followed; you could feel the fear and adrenalin through the screen, after the attack and evacuating their casualties, the same guys go back out on patrol. It’s quite a statement.

Most of the stories are told by soldiers, the narrator introduces the people and places, occasionally his voice drops in to give a brief explanation about the next scene but the story tells it self. The soldiers are eloquent in their speech and you can tell, they know what their doing. My favorite quote was from the intel girl who was profiled when she shotguns out in Arabic “You think I’m stupid? I know you are lying you Coward!” without missing a beat. I like the clip from the LtCol who reads Harry Potter for two reasons, one, it gets him away from Iraq and the other is that he can have something to talk about with his kids. “Warriors” was a great snapshot into the lives of these 6 soldiers.

Next up, “Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience” which goes into my little niche of cyberspace, writings of the military folk on the ground. I know Colby of My War fame is on it, Oh man, you need to watch “Men in Black”.

Five minutes in, this is something I shouldn’t miss a moment of so I’ll post now…

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