Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fox, where good TV goes to die

I watched every episode of Drive with puppy dog on the edge of its seat thrill, wow, Fox has came out with a great show! I was looking forward to a Monday night of TV goodness, watch Drive at 8 then Heroes at 9. But the big wigs at Fox (who are known for murdering great TV) have once again drove a stake into the heart of this show and killed it off after only 3 episodes. Like Firefly, it will soon go the way of the DVD.

I guess on a positive aspect, it will give me more time to blog or spend quality time with my lovely wife but it does make me awfully sad. Poor Nathan, two amazing shows shot out from underneath him, who hates him at over there? Damn you Fox! I hope you fall line up falls flat on its face!

Thanks for the hat tip Lee.

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